Tour de Yorkshire - Yorkshire Artists - 2017

I was also pleased also to learn that my cycling artwork images were used as an inspirational backdrop to a 'celebrating Cycling' event at Silsden Town Hall on Saturday 11nd April 2017.

The Tour de Yorkshire will pass through Silsden on Sunday 30th April 2017, so The Friends of Silsden Town Hall organised a watercolour painting workshop to encourage local people to create their own cycling-themed artwork. Over 20 local people met, led by local artist Shirley Schofield, and my artwork, along with the work of five other artists (all featured on Bradford Big Screen) was reproduced on display boards and used to inspire and guide them.

The display board with my artwork on it will now be on display in the studio window of Jeremy Gill photographer of Silsden, on the main road in the town, and will be there next Sunday 30th April 2017 when the Tour passes within yards of the studio window.  Later, they will use the display board as a backdrop to art workshops with local children from the Silsden Primary School.

Selected linocuts